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I need a new layout. This place could use some sprucing.

Monday, March 1, 2010, 06:38 p.m.

In which I nearly rage out at Dunkin Donuts

Last week wasn't very good. Actually, this week isn't starting out very well, but that's another time.

Last Thursday, I had to deal with the dur dur dur all day, plus the other stupidity. I had a minor headache that by lunchtime had turned into a migraine. I went home, made a sandwich and slept on the couch.

I should probably redefine "sleep". I would sleep a little (anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes), wake up and then try to spend the next 30 to 45 minutes trying to fall back asleep while my head felt like it was being ripped apart. Agony.

Hut called me to make sure I was okay and then I tried to get some more sleep. I moved from the couch to the bed, hoping that would help. (It didn't). I woke up about 11:30pm, called Hut to find he was still at work. Went back to sleep. Woke up a few times, Hut came home around 12:30.

By the time my alarm clock went off I think I probably had about 2 hours of sleep total. Hut tried to get me to stay home but I couldn't The stupidity reigns unchecked when I'm not there. So I decided I wanted Dunkin Donuts before work. I had been craving it something fierce. I figured I could get through work if I had a belly full of donuts and delicious iced coffee.

I knew there was a Dunkin Donuts near my work, but I wasn't sure where. I resigned myself to tromping through the underground mall in search of it because I was determined not to go to work until I had donuts. My migraine had faded into a headache of doom. Imagine my surprise when I walked in the door and BAM!! There it was. I didn't even mind the line.

It was busy and they had a lot of people behind the counter. Only 2 registers, so the other workers would take orders of the others in line. The dweeb in front of me ordered a donut and coffee. And then they asked me what I want. There were two people milling at the register, the dweeb, and then me.

I look at the worker and say: "I want a medium iced coffee with cream and sugar and TWO (i held up 2 fingers) Boston Creme donuts."

Everyone within earshot turned and looked at me and the dweeb actually raised his eyebrow. Oh, he thought I didn't see it. I did. The worker asked if I meant one donut.

I got mad. So mad that I wanted to rage out like the Bear Jew with a metal bat in a closed room full of fat Nazi officers. So I VERY NEARLY said this:

"No, asshole. I mean TWO. TWO. Yes, I want two of those Fatty McFatfat donuts and god damn it, I will eat both of those fuckers. I will enjoy those fuckers. And you, retarded dweeb, are going to eat your one donut and drink your coffee with Splenda and fat free milk and you are going to wish you had another fucking donut. I have had a shitty night and the only thing that sustained me was the thought of Boston Creme donuts. Gimme my goddamn fucking donuts now."

I didn't. All I did was hold up 2 fingers and say. "No, I want 2 Boston Creme donuts." I got my donuts and coffee and went to work.

I still had a shitty day, but I had donuts of awesomeness and fucking delicious iced coffee. That, and I sustained thoughts of beating people with bats. It made the day a little better. And I had a nap when I got home and Hut cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.

Monday, January 25, 2010, 06:20 p.m.

Sounds: Slaughter || Billy Preston

So Hut and I saw Avatar last Sunday. I wasn't impressed with it. Granted the CGI and motion capture was great. But, I'm a gamer. We know how far graphics have come in the past few years. Do you guys remember how awesome the cut scenes were in FF8??? Shit! They looked SO REAL!!!!

Anyhoo...the story was basically Pocahontas and Fern Gully. It was incredibly predictable. There was a huge ass line at 9:45pm to get in the theater. I wanted to see it in IMAX, but it is continuously selling out. The 3D stuff gave me a headache. It was not worth $13.50 a ticket. But, Hut enjoyed it, so I guess it counts for something. I'm a little sad it will probably out perform Dark Knight. But I am hoping it will out perform Titanic. I hated that movie. I spent a lot of the 2 hours and 40 minutes on my phone in the theater, checking Twitter for the latest updates on the Golden Globes (GO CHRISTOPH WALTZ!!!!).

I am getting pissed at iTunes. You have to upgrade your account to an AppleID. I had been using my AOL screen name to purchase stuff and I think that's why I can't fucking authorize my shit to play. I am currently burning all my old stuff onto discs and then I'm just gonna upload it onto my new computer. Fucking iTunes.

I'm thinking of a new layout. I thought about Nightmare Before Christmas, but I can't seem to find pictures I like. Any ideas? Hut made a few:
Inglourious Basterds
One Piece (we are going to be cosplaying it this year!)

What do you guys think?

Saturday, January 23, 2010, 02:09 p.m.

Heh heh

Holy fuck I haven't updated this thing in forever. Pardon me. I will try to blog more this year I promise!! Blogging and learning German are my New Year's resolutions!

Hut and I are getting ready to go see Avatar. I'm a little "meh" about it. From what I heard the graphics are AWESOME, but the story...ehhh. We'll see.

I am also off tomorrow. Yaay for working for the government!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010, 08:10 p.m.


So the end of the year is approaching. A time to reflect on all that had passed and see how it went and to make resolutions for the new year. Here is my summary of 2009 for me:

It sucked. A LOT. I swear it was. I fucking hope 2010 will not be like 2009. 2009: you sucked hairy, sweaty balls. Fuck you.

I've been finding that the old "depression coat" is becoming easier and easier to slip on. I feel utterly horrible about it. I've usually been the type to overcome depression easy and a trifling issue. Someone suggested a therapist. *snort* I am not paying $100+ an hour for someone to at one point in our conversation ask "Well, what do YOU think it means?" I don't fucking know, dipshit, that's why I'm asking YOU. You're the one with the degree in this. This person also suggested maybe prescriptions. Fuck that. I hate pills and I'm terrified of becoming addicted or the thought of having to stand in court one day and maybe say: "I was on a shitload of Xanax [or some other drug] and the voices told me to shoot up [insert place here]."

Oh well...I hate to sound mopey and emo. But there you go.

Yesterday, in an effort to try to cheer myself up, I went to Tyson's Corner with my mom and her friend to see New Moon. I told my mom I'd only go if she paid for my ticket. She agreed and off we went.

The movie was awful. Truly, truly awful.

Let's get this out of the way first: I HATE Bella. I really do. She's a selfish brat who is one-dimensional through the entire series. Yes, I totally read every single book. I hoped it'd get better towards the end. Nope, it didn't. Epic disappointment. During this installment, Mr. Sparkles leaves her and then she leads on her childhood friend, Wolf-Boy. After everything Wolf-Boy did for her, including getting her out of her depression she basically tells him to fuck off and goes back to Mr. Sparkles. Bitch.

I'll list what I did like in the movie. I liked the guy who plays Bella's dad. I liked the girl who plays Alice. The "action" scenes were a teeny bit better. I liked the scene where the evil red-headed vampire lady was running through the woods away from the wolves. I liked Dakota Fanning. She played an evil vampire. Unfortunately she was in the movie for maybe ten minutes tops, if that. But that little girl (she's what? 14? 15?) acted better in ten minutes than Panting Bella and Mr. Sparkles did not only in these two movies, but in every other movie in their entire career. Hands down. I love Dakota Fanning.

As far as Bella and Mr. Sparkles: you could have gotten wooden puppets to play their parts and it would have been better. Dude that plays Mr. Sparkles CANNOT EMOTE!! he has the same face for the entire fucking movie. Bella...well, I described her above. Just make her incredibly wooden and panting a lot. Wolf-Boy was a tad better than they were. But Wolf-Boy had an 18 pack of abs and spent most of the movie shirtless, which was kind of awesome because then I didn't have to look at his face or Mr. Sparkles and Ms. Emo-Bitch. Oh, and Mr. Sparkles got shirtless too. But his little happy trail and pasty skin and lumpy looking muscles made me go "Ugh" while other women were panting with lust.

There were several times I literally laughed out loud. The first part was when Mr. Sparkles had his first scene in school: they did the slow motion "sexy" walk. I choked on my Reese's Pieces. Another part was when Dakota Fanning's character was "torturing" Sparkly-Pants with her mind. I was cheering her on. There were too many "romantic" scenes to count in which I couldn't help it. And when I mean "laughed" I don't mean giggles. I seriously mean I went "HA, HA!!" in a loud, obnoxious voice. There was a woman in her forties who was seated one row ahead of us and one seat to my left. She turned around and made a face at me. I threw up my hands in the: "Bring it on, bitch" position and glared right back. This woman was BY HERSELF. She looked pathetic, like one of those women who only read those cheesy romance novels and fantasizes about someone like Sparkly-Dick. I'm willing to bet she's seen this movie about a dozen times in the theater.

So, yeah, New Moon is good for a laugh. I'd recommend having a few drinks/shots beforehand. It makes it a little easier to take.

Thursday, December 10, 2009, 06:19 p.m.

About Me

I stole this from Toki's Deviantart. Because who doesn't like memes?

First Name
I have a lot of names I go by. My first name is Tara. My family calls me Nikki and most of my friends call me Gab. My online moniker is usually Biki and has been for some time.

I'm 23 and I look like I'm 16. I've been told I act waaay older and I sometimes do feel incredibly old. I am glad I look youthful, though. It'll be a useful thing when I'm 80.

I live in Virginia. Northern Virginia. I like it a lot: I'm close to my job in Washington DC and there's always a lot of stuff to do. Toki has been trying to get us to move to NJ and I have to say it's tempting to pick up and move and start fresh. Who knows where life will take us?

I currently work as a contractor for the government. Immigration department.

My boyfriend is a wonderful 29 year old boy from Thailand named Hut. He looks much younger than 29 and we met 4 years ago on a blind date that was actually pretty bad. We love the same things and are opposites in many respects: he's water and I'm fire. We play video games together, love anime conventions and we LOOOOOOVVVE each others company. He's my best friend and makes me laugh and he thinks I have a sexy body which makes me happy because I always feel I could use some toning. He loves the curves! We work wierd schedules but we get so happy when we have an evening together to get Chipotle, watch a movie at home and play videogames. He's a total homebody and so am I.

None yet. But I'm not ruling it out in the future.

We have a 5 month old kitten named Kyo. He's not the brightest bulb in the lamp but he's absolutely adorable and I love to pick him up and cuddle him We used to have a betta fish named Rorschach who passed away this summer. I was so sad.

My parents divorced when I was very young. They both remarried. My mom is going through a separation. I love my mom. My dad can be a prick and an asshole but I do love him. My stepmom is a great lady who I respect and love.

I have a younger brother who is married and lives in NJ.

Name 3-5 things that are going on in your life at the moment
-Hut and I want a dollfie and are actively pursuing the money for one. I want one so bad!
-I am trying to figure out my budget and gift list for Christmas.
-Fallout 3. I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out when I can play this game since I have to do stuff like "work" and "sleep".
-....Honestly it was hard to figure out 3 things because I am a totally boring person who sleeps, works, eats and play video games.

Closest Friends
Miya/Sarah is definitely one. I've known her for close to 10 years and she's like a sister to me. Hut of course! And definitely Toki and Tai. They are two wonderful people who I love with all my heart. Next to Hut of course! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009, 10:31 a.m.

Sundays lie
Sounds: I've Got You Under My Skin || Frank Sinatra

Sundays lie. You wake up and you are excited because it's another day off but then at some point during the day you realize that you have to go to work the next day and then you're fucking pissed for the rest of the day. Yeah, Sundays, FUCK YOU!

Yesterday ended up being super productive for me. I woke up and got coffee at Hut's work (and I got to jump the awful line. It pays to know someone at Starbucks! ^_^). I then got my car inspected, went to Hallmark to buy my cousin a birthday card, and then...well, I got bored. I've had the urging for a pair of leather or sequined leggings. I don't know why, but I wanted to try some on. But Miya was working ;_;. So I drove home. As I pulled into my parking lot I was struck by the urge to CLEAN.

When I checked the mail I noticed a little FedEx post it on my mailbox. First I was like WTF? But then I remembered LAPTOP!!! And it was! XD I picked it up from the package room and went to my apartment and unwrapped it. And it was glorious! I set it aside to wait for Hut and I cleaned.

Hut and I have lived in this place since June and I've hardly unpacked. Mostly because I'm at that point that I need more furniture. So yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen and moved all the unpacked boxes to the dining room where I stacked them neatly, hung a few pictures, vacuumed, scrubbed, freshened, etc. I felt so good about myself! I found tons of old stuff too which made me happy. Then Hut came home and was in a weird mood. So I left him be. He played Fallout 3 in the bedroom and I was in the living room watching movies. At 7:30 I was hungry and I grabbed him and we picked up Chipotle and came home and ate and he was finally better. We then had plans to go out with his gang and it was fun ^_^ We ate more and drank and laughed. Got home a little later than we thought and passed out.

This morning we woke up and I followed him to work to play on the new computer! XD XD XD It's so fast! I had to download Firefox and then I looked at the dollfie I want, messed around on's glorious to have a fast computer! I've got to activate a few more things. Then I have to move stuff from our old laptop to our external hard drive and choose what files I want to move to this new one.

I'm happy! And everytime I look up, I see Hut looking over at me from the bar at Starbucks and he smiles at me. Cue the "awwwwwwwwwww". Yeah, we have our troubles, but we'll weather through them!

Sunday, November 22, 2009, 08:46 a.m.

Blah, blah

So there was this girl on our shuttle last night and she spent the whole ride talking about designer handbags and her last shopping trip. So much so that I was ready to scream and punch her in the face. I hate people who do shit like that.

Hut and I ordered a new laptop on Sunday. Our old one was slowly and very painfully dying. It was torture turning the damn thing on. I'm happy about our new one and the payment plan! Bad news is that I've got the strongest urge to get a dollfie again. I want one bad. I talked to Hut and he's up for the idea of layaway for one. I know the one I want but I'll have to wait to see how the payments for our laptop are gonna work out.

I'm struggling a little with Hut's schedule. He's working mostly nights: until 10:30pm. I see him maybe one or two nights a week and then most weekends he doesn't get home until 4 or 5. I miss him a lot and it does put strain on the relationship. God knows we're trying as best we can but it'd be nice if his whore of a manager would stop being lazy about closing and allow her employees a little time with their loved ones.

Other than that, I've been playing a lot of Fallout 3 and reading. Mom let me borrow a lot of books and I've bought several comics. I can describe my day as just bascally killing time until Hut gets home and we can spend 30 minutes to an hour togther until I have to go to bed. Blargh, my lunch is over >.<

Thursday, November 19, 2009, 01:46 p.m.

What the hell?!

So here I am. 5:30 in the morning waiting at Gallery Place/Chinatown for the train to be at work at 6 am. On a Friday. To work for 10 hours. On a FRIDAY. Why the fuck do I do these things???

Oh yeah...for money. I need money for bills and comics and video games...

Friday, November 13, 2009, 05:38 a.m.

Sounds: Crap on the Starbucks Muzak

I wish I could draw. I really do. My extent of drawing is stick figures. It would be awesome if I could draw.

You know what else would be awesome? Unicorns frolicking on a sunny field while music from Katamari Damancy plays. That would be totally awesome.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 09:12 p.m.

The Green Lantern is a rube.

So the other day I got into a minor tiff with this dude who said "The Green Lantern is the shit". Naturally, I said he was lame. But the dude insisted so I thought maybe he might be right. I mean, maybe I should check out this comic book "hero" and see if he really was "the shit". So I did some extensive research. And by extensive I mean I looked him up on Wikipedia because if he really did turn out to be a rube I would have been pissed that I wasted all those good hours of my life. So, here's the result of my search.

The Green Lantern is a fucking rube. And totally lame.

His costume is probably one of the goofiest I've seen. Granted, so is Wolverine's but at least Wolverine is badass. And the source of his powers? The ring? It looks like one of those cheap prizes you win from a cereal box. And not even one of those cool prizes you have to clip the proof of purchases and send them in self addressed envelopes. No, they give it to you for free. Because it's lame.

The Hal Jordan incarnation of GL has a love interest. Carol Ferris. Who's his boss. She also hates Hal and totally digs GL. Lets look at Batman for a comparison:
-Bruce Wayne is HOT. He gets lots of ladies. Of course being rich helps but when you're hot you can pretty much get what you want. He has the gorgeous black hair and blue eyes. Bottom line: Bruce Wayne gets the ladies. (Not to mention he's more shredded than a julienne salad). Personally, Hal a rube. What can I say? Bruce gets all the ladies. Hal can't even get one.
-Batman is HOT. Batman gets the ladies. Ladies dig the Batman. It must be the Batman voice or the five o'clock shadow or the way he beats down criminals or his sexy costume or his Batarangs. Rawr. Those Batarangs do it for me. GL? Sure, he gets a few. Not as many as Batman. Why? Perhaps it's because of that costume or his cereal-box ring. And Carol? Jeez. Batman gets Selina and Viki and WONDER WOMAN if I recall. Selina Kyle is ultra sexy. She's fucking Catwoman and uses a WHIP. How hot is that?

GL also has one of the most ridiculous weaknesses I've ever heard of. He's weak AGAINST THE COLOR YELLOW. No shit. Need I say more? YELLOW. Like bananas. Seriously, WTF?

Also, there isn't just one GL. They have a bunch of them formed into corps. No kidding. They aren't that unique. There's GLs all over the galaxy called the Green Lantern Corps. At least there was only one Batman at any given time or one Spiderman or one Wolverine. So, Hal, you just aren't that special honey.

And last is the Green Lantern oath. You heard me. They have to say some silly phrase to power their rings. It's not as cool as other heroes. Like the Power Rangers "Its morphin time!" or Captain Planet's kids shouting out their rings. No, it's a lot more ridiculous. There are several incantations. Hal's goes something like this:
"In brighest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power: Green Lantern's light!"

Ridiculous right? Do you ever hear Wolverine saying anything like this before slicing up baddies? Or Batman? Hell no!! They just fuck bad guys' shit UP. Bats and Wolvie would call this dude a pussy.

Honorable mention: Hal gets his shit fucked up by Robin in All Star Batman. Little boy Robin mind you. In green man panties. I kid you not. If that doesn't tell you he's a rube then I don't know what does.

Granted, I probably spent a total of ten minutes on Wikipedia looking this stuff up. I could let some things slide but that oath totally ruined it. Hal Jordan aka the Green Lantern, is a rube. I rest my case. If I missed anything be sure to let me know.

Monday, October 19, 2009, 12:59 p.m.

I'm the Goddamn Batman
Sounds: The music in my head

So, as you can tell, I am currently reading All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. And it is glorious. Truly. Except I tend to do a lot of my reading on the train or during my lunch break, so I feel awkward when it approaches scenes like Vicki Vale in her skivvies or Joker's large breasted sidekick with swastika pasties. But I still read it proudly! Fuck everyone else!

Halloween is fast approaching and we will be in NJ. I'm Batgirl and Hut and I decided that instead of paying for a costume he might never wear again ($50-$60 WTF??????????) he's wearing his Kendo uniform. We spent the money on Magna Carta 2. Much better use of the cash, in my humble opinion. Hut's a little sad, but you know, it's hard as fuck to find a costume for him. He's picky to begin with but most of the time all the costumes are waaaaay to large for a 5'6 man who weighs like 110 or something. So boo to that lol!

I hate rain.

Thursday, October 15, 2009, 01:17 p.m.

Um, ok.

So this has kind of been eating at me for a while. While playing Batman Arkham Asylum, I posted a photo saying that the game was "fucking awesome" because I felt an expletive was necessary to describe the awesomeness of Batman. My aunt then felt the need to criticize my language.

I curse. A lot. My dad curses. A lot. Guess where I learned it from? Sometimes saying "gosh darn" just doesn't cover it. My friends know I curse. So I was a little peeved that she felt the need to question my use of words. Maybe I could have used a million dollar synonym for "awesome". I know a few, but who cares?

What upset me about it is that not a few years back, my aunt and uncle cursed. A lot. They told raunchy stories. It was cool. And I'm not knocking on Christianity, but then my uncle found Jesus and now he's a minister. That's cool, honestly! I'm super thrilled that they are happy in their new lifestyle, but...

Dont question other peoples lifestyles, m'kay? Don't frown on me just because I used the word "fucking". I will fucking use whatever damn word I fucking want to! And don't post it on a comment. If you have a problem with it, PRIVATELY message me. I'll still tell you I'll use it whenever I damn well please, but still. Common curtesy.

And I can tell you guys one thing: I never curse in front of my grandmother. I try not to do it in front of my mother, although she's pretty cool about. I curb my cursingin public and at work, so there!

But anyways, so that kinda pissed me off. She was kind of being a hypocrite, since I remembered the times they used to curse. Does anyone else agree with me?

Friday, September 25, 2009, 04:02 p.m.


Does anyone read this blog anymore? Damn I don't read it! Anyhoo, I'm being totally unproductive at work because I don't want to be here. I want to go home, play video games and slather my mosquito bites with that pink lotion. I had a fantastic time in NJ this weekend. Now we've got to plan a winter get together here in VA! I'll probably blog more about the trip later, since my lunchtime is almost over. I then have to spend 2 and a half hours looking like I'm doing some work. It's going to be tough!

Monday, September 21, 2009, 01:54 p.m.


So I just sat here for a minute or two trying to figure out a title to this post. I couldn't. So it's blank.

I'm at work having another retarded week. Douchenozzle Eric is being all douchey and making mistakes and I'm having to clean up after him. I want to punch him both in the dick and the face.

Also, after months of hype, the game WET came out on Tuesday. And it blew. Potential, it had. But it failed. I traded it in and put they money on Magna Carta 2, Arc Rise, Bayonetta and No More Heroes 2. But, after the distraction from The Beatles Rockband, Muramasa Demon Blade, and WET, I can finally go back to playing Batman. *hugs the box for Arkham Asylum* How I missed you and the bat-bulge!

Was unpacking a little last night and found all of Huts games for the NES! That was a trip down memory lane. His NES doesn't work but his Dreamcast does. I have to clean it and find the power cord for it, we think it might be in his car somewhere. He even had Contra! Ah, nostalgia!

Also basically got verbally assaulted by some fucktard attorney. He pissed me off, though not as much as Eric did yesterday. I was so mad I was shaking. It also convinced me that I can never take more than 2 days off in a row because it will go to hell without me. He always likes to blame other people/stuff besides himself. Grow some balls and own up, damn it! Fucking FOB SOB.

I have a lot of stuff to do. I'm taking tomorrow off before we go up to NJ to have some most excellent times with Toki and Tai at their engagement party! I'm also keeping an eye on one of the ladies at work because her baby is due TOMORROW and she's here working. She looks like she is about to drop the thing now. I'm hoping her water doesn't break. That would kinda suck having that at work. So I've got my hand on the phone ready to call an ambulance just in case.

Thursday, September 17, 2009, 01:18 p.m.

Sounds: A Hard Day's Night || The Beatles

Waiting for the stupid late ass shuttle. I'm starving but utterly lazy so it appears I am having fast food. Again. I need to really buy some groceries. So, I officially declare The Beatles Rockband AWESOME. But I'm probably totally biased. I'm thinking between Wendy's or Chipotle. But knowing how lazy I feel at the moment I'll probably choose Wendy's because I don't have to get out of my car. Go me! Fist bump for ultra laziness.


Thursday, September 10, 2009, 05:32 p.m.

History lesson!

Hut is playing that Demon Blade game for Wii and Kyo is currently going apeshit. I have no idea why other than he's a kitten and gets these wierd crack-like energy spurts. Anyways, today we went to my family reunion/BBQ way out in VA. Like right next to the WVA line is. Seriously. The closest town I can think of is Bergton VA and if you blink, you miss the town.
I love history. You peeps should know. History was always my favorite subject in school. And I am so fucking proud that I can trace my maternal family back to the fucking REVOLUTIONARY war. No shit. My first family member on US soil was a Hessian, a German mercenary hired by the British who then basically gave Britain a big "Fuck you" and switched sides. Booyah!

So, the gathering took place at the house my grandfather grew up in. He was raised by his aunt and uncle and considered them his parents so we called them Mee-Maw and Pap-Pap. Their daughters, Evelyn and Doris are still alive and the sweetest ladies you could ever know. I got to learn the history of the house today and I want to share it with the few people who read this blog.

This house was built sometime between 1895-1897. Aunt Doris couldn't remember. And yes, this house is STILL in our family. No one lives in it currently but my cousin, Randy, owns it. Anyways, it cost $800 dollars to build. No shit. Although that was A TON of money back then and EVERYTHING was built by hand. My great great great grandfather built it. But then they had a problem.

The staircase going to the second floor is curved. No on in the area knew how to make a "free floating" staircase as they are called. Now, back in the day there were surprisingly a lot of wandering peddlers, hobos, and carpetbaggers roaming around. They followed the trains and Doris said they often housed them for the night. One day, right when they were trying to build the staircase, a hobo wandered into town and he knew how to make it! He shared his knowledge and lo and behold: the staircase remains to this day.

It was a day of awesome stories and laughs. The house is sill in fantastic shape and I hope to put up the pictures on Facebook. There is talk of remodeling the place. I hope so.

Well, thank you for listening to me prattle on about something mundane. Like I said, I am very proud of my maternal family and their history. It is quite fascinating. I love genealogy and stuff like that. It's cool to dig through records and listen to stories. Today was good because I also got to visit my grandfathers grave. It was comforting. I only wish I could have spent more time there. Next time.

Saturday, September 5, 2009, 11:10 p.m.


I am not a huge fan of dressing up. I'm a jeans, tshirt, sneakers kinda gal. At work I dress appropriately, a little conservative but nothing special. I love comfort. Plus, I'm not trying to attract anyone. I got a man at home who loves how I am, so what's the need?

But today I have to get my new badge so I have to take a new picture. So I decided to dress up a little. I've got brown pants on with a very faint pinstripe and an eggplant colored short sleeved top with a mockneck. My hair looks good because it has some Frizz-Ease in it and it's not 5000% humidity. I even slapped some makeup on.

So of course everyone at work was like "OMFG Tara you look so pretty!!!" Which made me feel a little bad because, well, girls like to feel pretty all the time. I know I'm not pretty. All my friends are. I hate my skin, my teeth, and my fat deposits. was a little deflating. Oh well. At least the geeks in the comic book store thought I was cute. Probably because they were staring at my ass which happened to look hood in the pants I was wearing yesterday.

Also, the fellow writers will understand this next part. I have been in such a mood to write lately, but I have been prevented. So I've had all these words and stories tumbling in my head for the past few weeks that if I didn't get them on paper I was going to rip my brain out. But I did last night! Didn't play any video games, just typed away happily on my laptop. Hut didn't quite understand but I felt SOOOO much better and lighter. I hen proceeded to pass out while Hut was in the shower and I was watching DVDs of Family Guy. Hut tucked me in bed and I had an awesome dream about Batman. And then another about me and Toki making cupcakes for a party. It would have awesome if Batman was involved in the cupcakeness. But, sadly, no.

BTW, does Kevin Conroy sound like that in real life? That's totally awesome being able to walk around and speak in the Batman voice!

On a fangirly side note I would TOTALLY love to see the shredded up version of Batman in Arkham Asylum say: "Cupcakes". In a sexy Batman voice.
But, then again, I'm wierd like that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009, 09:02 a.m.

Glorious Fall

I love summer, don't get me wrong. But fall is pretty awesome. I like winter clothes better, only because for summer you kind of have to dress like a hooker and I'm not into all that. But I love fall in Washington DC because all the tourists have left and all the interns are back at school. That's fantastic because now I can actually get lunch and enjoy my hour break! I can walk to Union Station without sweating and dying of heatstroke! It's great!!!!

Like today, I'm walking to Union to get a delicious slice of pizza and then I'm going to the comic book store! So excited!!! And I don't have to smell like sweat for the rest of the day! XD

Today is also pretty good since I'm done with laundry so I'm going to pick up some dinner, go home, put on my jammies and play video games! And it's halfway through the week AND I get Labor Day off! Go me!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 12:22 p.m.

Sounds: Kyo purring

I spend way too much time doing laundry than I think any sane person should do. Why the fuck do we wear all these clothes? Maybe I should become a nudist or something. No laundry YAY!

On the way down to the laundry room I got stuck with the crazy lady who lives on our floor. She's maybe in her 30s but she talks to herself. SERIOUSLY. She also talks out loud randomly. People try to ignore her. So, I had to switch laundry and I run out hoping to be in and out but she got in the elevator with me. *face palm* she claims she has a boyfriend but she looks like an anime nutjob freak so I'm betting her boyfriend is an overweight Dungeons and Dragons Master who probably lived with his parents in their basement and spends his available money on his Warhammer figurines that he lovingly handpaints. Oh, and I bet he has like eighteen different 12 sided dice that he wears in a little pouch around his neck. I totally bet on that.

Granted they could be nice people but SHE TALKS TO HERSELF. Just saying.

Time to play Batman! I finally get the TV! Hut found his copy of Legend of Dragoon for the PS1 so he's been hogging our big TV. And you can't play Batman on a non-HD TV. It ain't right! But he's closing so it's all mine! MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 08:04 p.m.

Letter to Marvel

Dear Marvel Comics,

You suck.

How could you sell out to Disney like that? Eh? What, Iron Man, X-Men and Spiderman not making enough money for you? Seriously, you can't mix comics and Disney. It's not like Final Fantasy, well, because many of the Final Fantasy characters are a little fem anyways.

You know what Disney is going to do to right? Straight to DVD movies, softening up the characters because they are to butch, smaller boobs, less violence...GASP! What if they make MUSICAL?? Iron Man singing? Wolverine dancing? Omigod, what if they make an icecapade? Spiderman On Ice???? You see, Marvel? Disney has so many ways to degrade you it's pathetic.

You have disappointed me, Marvel. Comics and girly things don't mix. You shouldn't be involved with a company that mass produces Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus dolls. It's just not right. Maybe the end of the world is coming! Holy crap!

I guess you kind of deserve what might happen. It's a shame though. Wolverine is probably going to have to stop smoking cigars because it gives bad messages to the kids. Tony Stark is going to have to stop womanizing because STDs aren't cool. The Fantastic Four...well, I always hated the Four anyway so Disney can demean them anyway they want. But stil, it sucks. And so do you, Marvel. You sell outs!


Message to DC Comics: don't fucking do what Marvel did! If you sold out I'd probably burn all my comics while I cried and drank myself into a stupor. But I doubt it. I always thought DC was cooler than Marvel anyways.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 12:33 p.m.

Birthday Countdown

Okay, so we are at 10 days and counting til my birthday. And I honestly DON'T CARE. I really could not be excited about it. I don't know why. I'm just not. Ah, fuck it. Doesn't Arkham Asylum come out on the 25th? Maybe I'll just spend my entire birthday playing that game.

I think next year I'm going to NJ to celebrate my birthday with Toki, Tai and them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009, 09:08 a.m.

Ghost Hunting Thursdays

So I guess our new thing on Thursdays is to drive around VA and MD and go ghost hunting. Last night we went to MD to 2 supposdly haunted bridges.

The first was the 'Goatman' bridge. At first we thought we were in the wrong place, because we first turned into this residential place but then the road took a turn for the creepy. It was one lane either way and fucking DARK. The bridge sorta appeared. And it was just a single lane.
Like I said, this bridge is famous for the Goatman, a supposed expiriment gone awry. You're supposed to see him on the bridge, clothes ripped and covered in blood. Also, rumor has it that if you park your car on the bridge, a car will appear behind you, coming up fast like it's going to hit you. Then it will suddenly disappear.
We made one pass, then turned around, made another. Daniel said he had to pee and we got out of the car, except Hut. Me, Lang, and Thang approached the bridge but didn't get on because it was one lane and on a blind curve, so we didn't want to get hit and it was still early at night. I'll kid you not, it was creepy as hell. Thangs flashlight didn't help much.

Since we had made good time to that bridge, we decided to go to the Crybaby Bridge in Westminster (I think). This bridge was the supposed place of several drownings (including babies, hence the name) and perhaps a hanging/murder. I'll have to double check. This place took us a little over an hour to get too and was WAY creepier than the first. I'll tell you why.
To get to this bridge you have to drive down this dark, one lane, unpaved road in the middle of farmland and CORN. I hate cornfields. You take a turn and lo and behold, you are on the Crybaby Bridge. There is a rushing creek under and the bridge has lots of graffiti on it. It's dark and oddly quiet. But the way the creek was rushing it actually sounded like people were talking. We didn't hear the crying of babies at all, which was disappointing. I had forgotten my camera but it would have been good to hopefully catch some orbs or something. I would love to go back and sit for longer.

On our way back, Lang kinda ran a flashing red light and got pulled over. Which sucks. It ended up being a $90 ticket. But how were we supposed to know? Thangs navi also took us the long way back to our apartment and we got home around 2am. My teeth felt scummy, I had a neck cramp from falling asleep in the car, and my ass hurt from the drive back, but it was seriously AWESOME. We plan on doing it again!

Which brings me to my next point:

If anyone has a place in MD, VA or DC within a reasonable driving distance and that's PUBLIC accesible you want either us to check out or you want to go with us to check out, HIT ME UP!! Facebook me, email me, comment, etc. I want to make this a regular thing: with pictures and junk! Maybe even video! We can have a great time! XD

Friday, August 14, 2009, 10:30 a.m.


So Hut and I pretty much do the same thing on his single day off during the week. We come home, gripe about our days, go to Chipotle and get it to go, come home, eat while watching a movie, play video games, shower then bed. I love it and look forward to it all week. I kid you not we do this every Wednesday.

Yesterday we ate at Chipotle then went to Michael's and they had a sale on frames. I got 4 poster frames for 9.99 each and then a frame for the Miyavi poster I got in Texas. So all I need are some frames for the artwork I picked up in various Artists Alleys. HINT HINT for birthday gifts!

So we have some pics hanging in our bedroom! Starting to feel a little better, a little homier. Sarah is coming over Friday and she's gonna help me unpack and I need her help in hanging my beautimus Watchmen banner in the living room! XD

Thursday, August 13, 2009, 12:31 p.m.


So I fail. I haven't updated in forever. Here's some highlights:
-I'm having the worst summer. I'm broke, my aunt died, Huts aunt died. Just general craptastic summer.
-Toki and Tai got engaged at Otakon! XD honestly the best thing to happen
-I'm attempting fan fiction (GASP!!)
-we got a kitten but he has no name yet. On the downside, our fish, Rorschach died. So our kitten might be Rorschach II. Or Optimus Prime. Both are pretty kick ass.
-Did I mention I'm broke?
-my birthday is this month and I could not honestly give a crap. I'm not expecting a party (I doubt anyone would plan a birthday party for me), not expecting any gifts from anyone, Hut has to work....I think that's about it. So far, every birthday I've had since my 20th has kinda sucked for one reason or another.
-ive had a shitload of family drama.
-I haven't been able to properly unpack my apartment or decorate it. I need frames from Michael's but I'm broke. (See a theme here?)
-I got to see Hyde!!!!!! The VAMPS concert was awesome. He performed 'Hello' and 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' shirtless. That's right. SHIRTLESS. he was fantastic. NIPPLE RINGS.
-I wanna get a tattoo. It's prolly going to be Rorschach coz he is my most favorite comic book character EVAR!!!!!!!!!!! and I have a thing for him...wait, what? Nevermind.

So, I think that's about it. But it blows about my birthday *shrugs* Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy my birthday normally with the 'it's all about me' thing and not 'what-the-fuck-drama-filled' kinda birthdays I'm used to. Hopefully. But I'm not getting my hopes up. Coz the let down from that's a bitch.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 10:14 a.m.

I'm pissed

I had promised myself the next entry would be about Toki and tai's trip, but I am mad and want to rant. One of my coworkers asked to borrow my metrocard for lunch. I assumed he was going out with his girlfriend. NO! He and the majority of them (which isn't a whole lot but still) are going out to lunch in Chinatown! And the fucker wants to use my metrocard! I had already given it to him, but I should have taken it back. They didn't invite me, didn't tell me and someone ate the candy on my desk! WTF? I'm so pissed.

On the other side, hut and I are moving into our apartment on Saturday, but I'm so mad I can't even enjoy it

Thursday, June 11, 2009, 08:55 a.m.

Sounds: Nothing

Let me start by saying this blog post has nothing to do with what I really want to post about (I really want to post about Toki and Tai's trip down here). But, I was on when I came across a picture of Hugh Jackman at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere in Mexico City.

Okay, there are a number of celebrity men I love. Robert Downey Jr. Johnny Depp. Ken Kitamura. Gackt. Heath Ledger (RIP). Gerard Butler. Miyavi. I even have a crush on Simon Pegg. Hey, you gotta love a man who can make you laugh. Most of you know my tastes run along the lines of slim and lean (like my honey! <3) rather than super buff. But...

I think Hugh Jackman is hotter than Hell on a Sunday. No fucking joke. I would jump that man's bones in an INSTANT if I was allowed. Seriously. Omigod, Origins??? He was more shredded than a julienne salad (thank you, Downey Jr. and Tropic Thunder.). That man is HAWTT. If I was only allowed one celebrity screw and he was in the list...well, I would have a really tough time picking, but I would have to go with him. His ass (thank you, Origins) is fucking nice.

Some glorious pictures:
Hugh Jackman Mexico City Premiere

Hugh Jackman long hair

Hugh Jackman beach

And my absolute favorite:

Like I said. That man is SMEXY. I know, I know, I'll probably get teased or whatnot. Fuck it. His wife is one lucky lady and she better not ruin it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009, 05:58 p.m.

Sounds: Bad Things || Jace Everett

Okay, so some people came to look at our house. So, naturally, I hated them. They seemed like a nice, clean cut white, Christian couple.

So what did I think about doing?

First I thought about watching True Blood with one of the hardcore sex scenes.

Then I thought about watching a hard core bondage hentai like Bible Black or something. Maybe on the TV WHILE I was watching it on my computer. Also, I would have all our hentai, porno, and written smut all over our floor.

Because I am a spiteful fucking bitch.

So, did I do any of those things?

Nope. I smiled and was polite and surfed non-porn related sites while eating McDonalds.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 09:24 p.m.


Saw Toki's entry and she had mentioned cosplays. So im updating about ours! Hut and I need to hurry! I've got Cammy nearly done: just need new tights and paint. Also need the beret and extensions. For Rin I need to get the flames on my kimono, wig, and weapons plus the bamboo rings for her braids. Hut needs to order his kimono for Magatsu and face mask. Then all I need to do is sew those white circles on it.

His Street Fighter cosplay is giving me a hassle. My sewing skills aren't that great. I need to make the top and glove things. We also need to get the black pants and Kung Fu shoes.

Argh!! So much to do, so little time!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 08:54 a.m.

Sounds: Nothing

My aunt passed away this morning.

Saturday will be an interesting day: a funeral in the morning and a wedding in the evening.

My mental state will be fragile, I'm sure.

I'm ordering pizza and then crawling into bed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 05:54 p.m.

Level 3 Freak Out
Sounds: Le Disko || Shiny Toy Guns

So I am freaking out at the moment. Jo, the owner of our house, just told me she's meeting with a lawyer today to sell her house. OUR HOUSE THAT WE LIVE IN. I think she's going into foreclosure. WTF???? Hut and I practically pay for half the mortgage.

So that means Hut and I have to find a new place to live in like 3 to 6 months to be on the safe side. My dad told me to calm down but how can I not be freaking out? Hut and I can't afford it. We're barely scraping by now. How am I going to afford an apartment, furniture and bills? We pay $650 here plus our car payments at like $400 a piece. Luckily we don't have cable, which means we probably can go without it in our apartment...but I'm still freaking out a little. Hut keeps telling me to be calm, but he's the worse money manager. I love him to death but it's true.

Now I'm going to HAVE to find another job to help cover my bills. And I'm going to have to skip school until further notice because I need the extra time to work and I can't afford it. Maybe I can get a job as a cashier at Safeway or Giant or something. Maybe Target. Something mundane and simple. Starbucks would be too much.

You know what I'm freaking out the most about? I'm freaking out that if we don't find a place we'll have to move in with Dad and I hate that. His house smells like smoke SO BAD. I hate smelling like that ;_;

Please pray for us guys!

Saturday, May 2, 2009, 11:29 a.m.

I hate the post office
Sounds: Dopeman? || M-flo

So I'm sitting in the post office parking lot. They changed their hours, which totally blows. I have to put Huts xbox headset back in the mail. It wouldn't charge so the guy is giving him a refund. I'm determined to be the first in line!

Strange though, this morning I woke up feeling like I had a hangover but we did not drink. I'm so sleepy at the moment. Ugh. anyways, I'm gonna be here until 9am...boring!! And I just remembered I have to get money for the rent :( I'm so broke.

Saturday, May 2, 2009, 08:27 a.m.

Quick post
Sounds: Nothing

So I'm at work making a quick update. I love you, iPhone!
So my car was all messed up but it's fixed now! The air bag light kept coming on. My Oma's birthday party is tomorrow and it's going to be one hell of a shindig! ^_^ Im looking forward to it. She's going to be 80!
Other than that I'm hoping hut and I will get to see a movie tonight. Wolverine might be packed so maybe we'll see The Soloist. We missed it last weekend.
Okay, gotta get back to work!

Friday, May 1, 2009, 12:27 p.m.

Where did it go?

Where the hell did the weekend go? Saturday morning I woke up after Hut left for work and our room was a mess. I normally clean every weekend but last weekend I was in Texas and the weekend before that we went to NJ to see the peeps up there (whom I miss super super super terrible ;_;). So I cleaned. And I mean CLEANED. I moved the bed out of the room to vacuum. I moved the desk and the dresser to vacuum under. I cleaned out 3 trashbags worth of clothes and trash. I put a crapload of stuff under the bed nice and neat. Next weekend I'm major cleaning our closet and bathroom.

Today I was kinda pissed because it was the only day Hut and I had together and Matthew called to get a ride to the temple. I figured we'd be there maybe an hour or two to get some food, say hello, walk around, donate money to the temple and say a prayer to Buddha. WRONG. We were there ALL DAY because we got roped into helping at his family's food tent. Not that I mind, but it was NOT the way it was supposed to go. Then we had to drop Matthew off at home, then go to his mom's and drop HER food and then we got to go home. I still have some laundry to finish but at this point I'm like "Fuck it." It'll stay in the washer/dryer until tomorrow. I've got something to wear to work tomorrow anyways. So I'll just finish it while Hut is closing. >.<

So I was cranky on the way home and Hut was trying to be nice but it was honestly making it worse. I just finished playing a hidden object game I downloaded from Big Fish Games and updating my Facebook. Now I'm going to shower and try to salvage the rest of the night.

Sunday, April 19, 2009, 09:24 p.m.

Sounds: Pop is Dead || Miyavi

We had a CRAZY weekend. In order to describe it fully, I am describing it by days. And the pics will be huge, but I hate for you guys to be clicking on link a billion times.

I had taken Friday off work in order to get some things done. I was kinda upset because Hut had pretty much closed Starbucks all week and he was due to work Friday and I would not see him. But he called out of work to be with me ^_^. I got my hair trimmed. We ate Chipotle and waited for Miya to get off work. She called me around 12:30 to say she was home and Hut and I headed over there. Rowie and Susan came as well and we spent some time hanging out while waiting for Jack. Rowie trimmed Miya's hair too.
Jack was supposed to get off at 2:30 but he didn't. He was home late and instead of saying "Let's go!" he had to take a shower. *eye roll* Naturally there was traffic and we missed our flight. I was PISSED. Jack told us not to blame that shit on him. The car was silent because we TOTALLY blamed that shit on him. At least I did. He could have called and told us he was going to be late. Luckily there was a flight to Cleveland and then from Cleveland to Houston. We managed to get seats. But I was still mad at Jack.
We got to Houston about 10:30-11pm. We were all tired and hungry. Aileen ("Leen") came and picked us up in the rental car.
Miya, Susan & Rowie waiting for Leen.
Me, Rowie and Miya

So Saturday morning, after getting back to the hotel (we also had Jack in the Box, yum!) we got up and started getting ready.
The view from our hotel.
It was kinda cool having the con and our room in the same hotel. You don't have to go outside and it's a quick trip, LOL. So we took showers and got all pretty.
Me and Miya lookin' all sexy.
So we got our badges and then went to get some Starbucks and some lunch. We got some yummy Quizno's and al worked on our fanbook we planned to give to Miyavi.
Us at Starbucks
When we got back we walked around the convention for a while. The dealer's room was AWFUL. It was super tiny and hand only a handful of dealers. I bought Hut a Miyavi t-shirt and then apparently Miya, Rowie and Susan got their boyfriends one too. I also bought a poster and I got Hut 3 figures from the anime Soul Eater. Takuya Angel was there! He was so adorable and colorful, LOL. I wanted to maybe get a t-shirt, but they were super expensive.
Me and Miya with Takuya Angel
We also got a picture with his assistant who was super adorable. As we were breaking the picture up, Takuya Angel ran over, pulling out his own personal camera and wanted to take a picture of US with his assistant. It was cute!
The con had some pretty cool guests. Other than Takuya Angel, they also had DJ Heavygrinder and Jason David Frank. You all remember him? Tommy? The green and white ranger? LOL. He's also the only guy who actually knew anything. He's a sixth degree black belt. Not to shabby.

Okay, I'm going to get the Saturday night pictures out of the way because I have a LOT to say about the concert:
Miya and I
Me, Miya and Rowie

Concert Time!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so we got down there and it was totally unorganized. First they tod us to move to the side of the room, then they told us to go outside, then they told us to go back inside. So finally, they did the "formal" thing and told us to WALK CALMLY outside. Of course we didn't. My shoulder got slammed into the door by a stupid bitch. So Rowie, Leen and I were in the superpass line, who get to go in first. FINALLY the volunteers formed the lines and we were all able to go back inside and commence waiting. Which we did. For like 4 and a half to 5 hours. So we finally got to go inside and I got a primo spot: second standing row right in front of the microphone. So all of us were super excited to see Miyavi but they lied to us. Before the concert they had video game showdown finals.
Okay, I love video games, but after waiting for that long and an aching shoulder I wanted to see Miyavi. The showdown was between the 3 best Japanese gamers (one wore a kimono and Noh mask with dredlocks and my favorite was painfully shy. He was super adorable!!). So...finally, the painfully shy gamer one and we were able to get the concert started!!!

When Miyavi appeared on stage, the room went NUTS!! They all surged forward. I was defending my position pretty well against a super fat bitch on my right and another bitch on my left and the girls behind me. I may be small, but I'm fucking mean. I was so close that at one point, Miyavi lifted his shirt and slid his hand down his pants and I could very clearly read his tattoos and practically count the downy soft hairs on his navel. I wet my panties a little, I swear.
When he started his second song I heard the girls behind me shout at two other girls who were rudely shoving their way up. They came up behind me and my knees were knocked out from under me. I was tripped and I fell to the right, twisting my ankle a little and I grabbed onto someone and throwing out my already aching shoulder. To make matters worse, I got a foot or a knee in my ribs.
At this point, full on panic set in because I knew if I fell to the ground there was a good chance I was going to get stepped on and probably end up in the hospital. I managed to right myself, but I was in pain and couldn't breathe.
You know the worst part? NO ONE HELPED ME. I had a few people try to get me through the crowd but for the most part they ignored me. I finally got to a volunteer who handed me over to a Huston police officer. He told me to calm down (I was hyperventilating and crying). I was escorted to a bunch of couches while I could hear the radio with someone screaming: "MEDIC!" Another girl was there and she had gotten hit in the throat. While the cop went to look for a medic, a convention goer who happened to be trained as a nurse, came over and started looking at me. The medic came after that and they looked me over. No serious damage, a swollen ankle and sore ribs. They wrapped my ankle in a bandage and ice because it was swollen and then asked me why I was crying. I told them it was because I flew in JUST to see Miyavi and now I was missing it.
And then, those ANGELS did the greatest thing someone has ever done: They arranged for a chair to be placed RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE on the side for me. They gave me another chair for my ankle and carried me in all so I could watch the concert. Miyavi was playing a slow song and it was such a joyful moment, I cried even harder, hugging the medic, his assistance, and the nurse guy. The girl who had gotten punched in the throat was super nice and stayed with me a bit. She smiled at me and said: "Everything happens for a reason, huh? Now you're even closer to him!" Which made me cry more.
So Miyavi started talking about his split from PS Company and he even started crying. It was super sweet. I had a prime view of his ass, which is a NICE ASS.
Okay, the stage was set up jutting out into the crowd. The areas on the left and right were barricaded off. If you're looking at the stage, I was on the right. The left area was looped off for ultra special guests. At one point, Miyavi JUMPED DOWN RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME to walk along the barriers set up to get close to the crowd. Some of the barriers started coming down. Miyavi was THISCLOSE to me, everyone. THISCLOSE. And you know what, he smiled and waved at me! I wet my panties again.
He finished his first set and left the stage. We called him back and when he did, he told the crowd to back up because people (ie: me) were getting crushed. And he said: "Don't worry, I'm not going!" It was super sweet.

I hate to say it, but it was worth getting injured to see him that close and to get a smile and a wave. Totally worth it. I can't remember the correct song order, but he did play one of me and Miya's favs: "Girls be ambitious." I missed a bunch because I was injured. Miya will get the list to me and I will edit this entry with it.

After the concert, we were starving. So we went up to our room to change. My ankle was super stiff and as we were coming out of the room, hotel security guards were patrolling. One of them recognized me as "That girl who got trampled" so did the Houston police officers who were all chilling at an abandoned table. *eye roll* nice to be famous for something I guess. As we were going to the elevator, the painfully shy Japanese gamer boy came off and we all got to say congrats and have a picture with him!
Me and the cute Japanese gamer boy!
He kept bowing and saying thank you and then practically ran away from us. We thought it was weird until Susan told us the reason: we gave him a hard on!! I mean, even after the concert and being all sweaty, we still looked pretty good, LOL.

The flight Sunday sucked. I couldn't sleep, even though I wanted to. We only had an hour of sleep Saturday night. But I was so excited to see Hut and hug him again. We went to the Thai temple with Jack, Miya, Rowie and Susan because it was Thai new year. We ate a crap load of food and bought a bunch more to bring home. I can't tell you how happy I was to be home. I mean, I had a fantastic time, but as soon as I saw Hut, it was great. I love my own bed and my own room. ^_^

So that was my wild and crazy weekend. I'm sure I'll update this entry with the song list and anything else. I just wanted to put out what happened so you all can share in the funness!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 06:13 p.m.

Texas updates

Hey all, I promise I will update for the Miyavi concert. I'm just waiting to get all the pictures. As soon as I do, I'll give you all the full experience!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 09:47 p.m.


I got my Watchmen comics in the mail today! *fist pump* Bangkok Dangerous is covered in awesomesauce. How many boyfriends embrace their girlfriend's utter dorkiness and nurture it by buying them 12 first issue comics at like $100? They are in fantastic shape. I'm so happy.

Went shopping with Miya last night, which was excellent. Bought the cutest leather miniskirt XD

Waiting for Bangkok Dangerous to get home. It's occasionally good not to have him around. I went to Borders after work, bought a novel, came home, ate dinner and played a movie in the background while I read. I played Tropic Thunder coz I heart that movie. Robert Downey Jr. is excellent: "I'm a lead farmer muthafucker!" and of course "Suck my unit." LOL

Okay, I have to get in the shower.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009, 10:33 p.m.

Little Children

So I watched Little Children. EXCELLENT movie. Kate Winslet nekkid...Nite Owl nekkid. LOL

Performances were great. Can't believe Jackie Earle Haley didn't get that Oscar. I guess a nomination is good, but his performance was killer. I loved the scene where he was in the car with his date, jacking off and telling her she better not tell anyone or he's going to kill her.

On the downside, pissed at the HR people at work. I took a day off last payperiod and I was told I could make the time up, but then (after I already turned in my timesheet) they said I couldn't. So I had to make a paper correction and my boss SAID she turned it in. So she came to me today and told me to check my paystub. Turns out, the fucking people DID NOT change it and paid me for a full 80 hours.

But then, they were going to deduct a full day from this pay period. Like they already had done it and I got pissed because I had already made up 2 hours. So I demanded they compensate me for those 2 hours. Bitches better.

Pissed me the fuck off. Gave me a pain in my jaw, I was grinding my teeth from trying not to explode at them for fucking with my time sheet without my permission or knowledge. Bangkok Dangerous is on his way home. I'm thinking of going to my favorite Chinese food restaurant.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 05:57 p.m.

Sounds: Revolution || The Beatles

So I was freaking out, I couldn't find my bitch boots and I DID!!!!! Woot!

Wanted to hang with Miya, but have tons of laundry to do/fold. I tried to do it yesterday, but failed coz of a headache. Also scared the bejeezus out of myself last night because I thought a burglar was on my back deck and I took a knife (really...a WTF was I going to do if the guy had a gun?) and tip toed into the dining room where I could see out the sun room door. Turns out it was a cat. A freaking cat.

Stalker Guy happened to come along around lunch time. I was reading Watchmen for like the bajillionth time and he asked me about my favorite scene. I kinda like the scene where Rorschach burns the child molester/killer alive or tells him if he wants to escape he has to saw his own hand off. Real badass. I was SO fucking PISSED that they altered that part in the movie. I mean, what they did was cool, but come on. Burning alive? How bad ass is that? Noticed Stalker Guy trimmed his beard and hair. Still long and Jesus-like, but not quite so crazy as it used to be. I'm wondering if he's trying to impress me. I moved Bangkok Dangerous's picture closer to my computer so everyone can see. Methinks he's avoiding it, LOL.

It's the picture of me, Miya, Jack and Bangkok Dangerous when I turned 21. Miya has her arms around my shoulders and we both are looking ultra fantastic. Bangkok Dangerous is looking off into the distance ala male model, LOL. Everyone thinks Miya is hot and I always say, "Back off bitches, she's mine." LOL.

Also trying to convince Bangkok Dangerous to keep his hair long. He puts it in a low ponytail all the time now. It looks cute XD!!! I'm hoping he keeps it, but he seems to lazy to go get it cut, so I'm thinking I'm safe, LOL.

Just heard the dryer go off...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 06:23 p.m.

Weekend was too short

Friday Hut and I went to a 24 hour Korean BBQ place for dinner. It was pretty good. We had gone to the mall first because I needed a new purse like whoa. I got one and Hut bought me another one I can use for work.

Saturday I spent with my mom, aunts, and Oma. We had lunch at Red Robin and then went to the German store. I got Fa soap in mango, some chocolate, beer (Hefe Weissbier), Kinder Eggs, and butterkase (butter cheese) which is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I eat that shit by itself. I love cheese! XD When I got home, Miya texted me and asked if we wanted to go to Bangkok Siam for karaoke, but Hut and I ended up falling asleep.

This morning I cleaned a little, did some laundry. I also washed my car, so it's all shiny now! Hut and I had Wendy's for lunch and we watched Ghost Hunters and played a little Resident Evil 5. Then went and picked up Miya and we met Rowie down in Woodbridge for some shopping. But Potomac Mills closes early now for some reason. It sucks because they actually have some pretty decent stores now.

So we came back up to Springfield. Miya and I got a Toffee Frap and then I went to FYE because I've been looking for the DVD of Little Children with Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley because I've been hearing its an awesome drama movie and I love drama movies. But no one had it. So the FYE in Springfield had a used copy that was practically brand new and at $7.99 I said: "FUCK YEAH!" and bought it. I also got some black and white striped thigh highs at Hot Topic. XD XD

So now I'm home, Hut is playing Resident Evil and we just ordered some pan pizzas from Pizza Hut and I'm about to crack open my German beer and fold some laundry!

Sunday, March 22, 2009, 07:57 p.m.


Suddenly realized it's not a good idea to have a triple espresso shot caramel macchiatto followed by a double shot espresso truffle hot chocolate, all after 8pm. Holy shit am I hyped.


Thursday, March 19, 2009, 12:15 a.m.

Sounds: Barracuda || Heart

Omg, I am updating twice in ONE day. How's that for super awesomeness? I'm at Hut's Starbucks and did the whole wi-fi thing and I have until 8pm, so I figured I should get my money's worth. Besides, Hut makes a mean triple grande iced caramel macchiato.

There are like 4 of us on laptops. I'm facing the other 3 because I hate when people can look over my shoulder. They all looked at me weird when I set up the laptop and I was all like: "Yeah, fuck you. I'm outside the box."

The interweb gets boring after a while...I'm going to watch movie trailers...coz I'm lamesauce like that, LOL.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 06:57 p.m.

Fucking kidneys
Sounds: All Along the Watchtower || Jimi Hendrix

So I have a slight kidney infection along with a UTI. FUCK!!! My kidneys were all fucked up since I was born, but it's still annoying. I left work early because I was in pain.

Had to go to Target. Got a little tote bag for my trip and a work shirt along with all the necessary junk Bangkok Dangerous and I needed.

Got home and found a package waiting for me!!!! It was my signed re-issue of vol. 1 of Watchmen!!! Signed by the illustrator, Dave Gibbons!
Me and my comic!

Pardon my hair. I haven't cut it since Otakon 2008. I've been trying to grow it out and I'm terrified of getting it cut because people always cut too much.

I have decided on part of my design for my car. The hood will have the trademark Watchmen smiley face with the blood along with a scrawled/graffiti-like slogan: Who Watches the Watchmen? Haven't decided what Rorschach picture to use. Miya suggested I use the quote: "This city is afraid of me. I have seen it's true face." She really liked it. Still decided though...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 04:07 p.m.

Sounds: My Generation || The Who

I'm fucking bored but I don't know what to do. Laundry's being done, I just got my Ozymandias and Nite Owl posters off ebay, even though I totally should be looking for stuff for my cosplay.

Ugh, I don't want to do anymore laundry...

Sunday, March 15, 2009, 05:08 p.m.

Sounds: Freeeze!! || Aural Vampire

I have a stalker with long hair and a Jesus beard. He's an IT guy at work. Keeps saying he wants to buy me lunch. Doesn't help that he knows I like video games and Watchmen. *rolls eyes* I'm trying to be nice, but it can only go so far.

Waiting for Hut to get home because we have to go to Hoodbridge and pick up something from my dad. I don't know what's taking him so long. I hate sitting in traffic.

Will blog later. I think I hear his car.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 05:39 p.m.

Rorschach is staring at me

Okay, well not the Watchmen Rorschach. Our roommate had moved out and she left her Betta fish behind. We started taking care of him and named him Gerard Butler. But then she said she wanted him back. So Hut and I went out today and bought another Betta fish. He's blue-black with some bright red. I named him Rorschach. He's extremely active. And right now he's staring at me. I think he's hungry. And I'm sure if we put another fish in the tank, he would surely kick that fish's ass.

So we saw Watchmen on Friday. The movie was damn cool. Not like the fucking greatest movie OF ALL TIME, but still a shade of awesome. I LOVED Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. His performance was amazing, and he was bad ass. The mask made him sexy, lol. There was the scene in the prison, and he actually looked pretty ripped, at least it looked like his arms were. I hope it isn't computer enhanced, like Dr. Manhattan's junk was. That would suck. Oh well, he could probably still kick some ass with those cool blue tinted glasses he wears all the time, LOL. The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was also a great cast. The girl who played Silk Spectre II was all right. Sometimes her lines were...a don't know, a little forced. Had a good sex scene between her and Nite Owl. Silk Spectre had a pretty nice ass. No boobs. But a nice ass. So did Nite Owl as a matter of fact, LOL. At the end of the movie, he wore these tight brown pants and black t-shirt. I immediately laughed, but then noticed that ass again, lol. And Nite Owl and Rorschach totally had some bromance. Especially at the end, when (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVE NEVER READ OR WATCHED) Rorschach got vaporized by Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl fell to his knees, crying like a baby. But it was a pretty sad part. I got a little choked up myself when I read the comic at that part.

They changed some things, but I still enjoyed it. They did leave a lot of my favorite parts and lines. And the soundtrack interested Hut. I've been trying to expand his musical tastes. He liked the Bob Dylan song they used, along with "All Along the Watchtower", "99 Luftballons". :) So that was pretty cool. Had to explain certain things to him, especially with Rorschach's character and his inability or want to compromise. But it was all good.

Also downloaded Watchmen: The End Is Nigh on Xbox Live. I love the fighting! They put in some fucking sweet moves that I totally want to try!! Tai, if you play the game, promise me you won't sit near Toki, lol. We don't want another Ong Bak! I'm enjoying it very much and it's actually quite surprising for a downloadable game.

It's totally late and Rorschach is kinda annoying me. He keeps swimming around to come back and stare at me for a little. I'm going to feed him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009, 01:36 a.m.


Comes out on Friday and I am so fucking excited. I am a total nerd and this movie better be the shiznit.

Tai and I were texting today about it and we both agree that if we had super powers like Dr. Manhattan, we wouldn't bother with the little speedo thing. Yup, fuck that, we'd go buck naked. In Tai's words:
"Don't like what you see? Neither do I!" *vaporizing noises and screams*

LULZ. I wanted to buy the midnight viewing but Hut said he had to open Starbucks the next day, so he wouldn't be able to sleep. So we're seeing it at 9:15pm on Friday!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD WOOT!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 05:55 p.m.

What the hell?

So I'm pissed that the Washington Capitals lost to the fucking Florida Panthers. The Panthers were a suck ass team and were basically supposed to hand the Caps the game. What happened? They stomped the Caps 6 to 2. WTF???

So I got my obi for my Blade of the Immortal cosplay. For my Cammy cosplay, I already ordered the leotard, so I'm waiting for that to get here. So, my to-do list:
-Cammy's beret
-Cammy's boots and socks
-Possibly a unitard/tights to wear under the skimpy leo.
-Cammy hair extensions
-Cammy gloves
-Rin's Golden Wasps
-Rin's flames on kimono
-Hemming the kimono
-Black wig and bamboo rings for Rin

I'm probably forgetting something. But, I'm sure I'll think of it along the way.

Sunday, March 1, 2009, 10:48 p.m.


I went to Politics & Prose last night, which is a bookstore in NW D.C. for a book signing with Christopher Moore who is absolutely one of my favorite authors. He just wrote a new satire called Fool in which he re-wrote the story of King Lear. It was fucking hilarious. He is as funny in real life as he is in his books and I hurt my sides from laughing at his pieces. He read to us from a piece he wrote about hotel room peep holes in which he (very high on Nyquil and other cold medications) thought they were for viewing a person's junk. He also read to us from his open letter: "Dear Guy who Peed on the Steam Iron in my Hotel Room."

So after the talking, I waited in line to have him sign my copy of Fool and I told him I was making my mom jealous because she wanted to be here. So, he wrote in my book: "To Tara, Who is still my favorite. You Spiteful Bitch!" LOL LOL LOL. Even he got a huge kick out of it. He said it was the best one all night. ^_^

Saturday, February 28, 2009, 01:57 p.m.


Okay, I wasn't all that impressed with Katsucon. It seems like the east coast cons are becoming super lame lately while all the west coast ones are kicking ass. >.< At least it was back in it's original location this year.

Hut and I went on a Sunday. We got there early, got registered and had some coffee and breakfast. We saw the two members of Aural Vampire getting coffee too. And NO ONE recognized them. I mean, the dude was in a face mask and the girl was all lolita and wearing FANGS. Dead give away *rolls eyes*

Hut and I went to the video game room, which SMELLED AWFUL!!! Apparently, also people had been spending the whole weekend on those little couches because they couldn't afford a room. It was disgusting and trash filled. I felt like walking over to them and yelling at them to clean up coz it's not your house and the staff ain't yo mama. Hut and I killed time in the video game room and then went to the Artist's Alley and ended up spending most of our money there. The Dealer's Room kinda sucked. Everything was even more overpriced than it usually is at Otakon. I mean, Otakon overprices, but Katsucon was ridiculously overpriced. Hut and I got a couple little figurines, a hentai DVD (Discipline Academy, Vol. 2), and I got 4 volumes of Blade of the Immortal. The mangas were 4 for $20 so I couldn't pass that up. It was pretty cool and I should have waited to get all my other mangas...

Then we wandered into the Aural Vampire concert...and stayed. It was actually pretty cool. We really liked the girl and DJ Raveman was cool. Afterwards we bought their photograph and had them sign it. The girl shook my hand and said thank you about a billion times. She was so adorable! XD XD I wanted to hug her. And the DJ guy had seriously the softest hands I have EVER felt in my ENTIRE life. Hut shook his hand and turned to me and said: "What the fuck?!?!" LOL.

A lot of the cosplays were lame or half-assed. I hate when people do half-assed cosplays. Either do it all the way or don't. And when you wear a wig, make sure your real hair is covered up, ok? Coz you look retarded when your real hair pokes out. Seriously.

I also got something for Toki that I just couldn't pass on. It practically screamed her name. Now I have to get time to get to the post office to send it to her.

I'm going to take a nap. I had to get up super early to see my mom and I'm tired and have a headache.

Saturday, February 21, 2009, 06:27 p.m.

Street Fighter!

Hut bought the new Street Fighter, so now we're trying to unlock all the characters. Toki thought it'd be an awesomesauce idea to cosplay them. I'd be Cammy.

Do you guys think I'd make a good Cammy? Wearin' that thong leotard?

Btw, Hut and I did go to Katsucon which I will blog about, but it's my turn in Street Fighter!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 10:47 p.m.


Work sucked. The best part is that my boyfriend is TOTALLY made of winsauce and came to take me out to lunch XD. Winsauce with a dash of super-awesome! XD XD XD XD

Now I'm waiting for pizza because we're super lazy and don't feel like cooking or going out. How cool is it that I don't even have to talk to anyone that I can order online? Say what you want but the Internet is hellah useful.

Also been looking for apartments, we found a couple we liked! :) And Miya just got a new place and now she can get out of the crummy condo with the 5 million a month condo fees! It was so nice to see her happy and troubles gone XD!!!

Gah, that pizza man better get here fast, I'm starving!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009, 06:53 p.m.

Say What?
Sounds: Cherry Lips || Garbage

So I called my Oma to say hello. And she asked how my "friend" was doing. She meant Hut. We've been dating for about 3 and a half years, been living together for about 2 and a half and she calls him my "friend". I love that woman.

Work sucked mostly because every time I sat at my desk someone would come by and ask me to do something that they could have probably done, but I just smiled and said okay. *face palm* Also, retarded Eric broke his arm snowboarding and today was Kathy's day off so I had to pull extra supervisor stuff that isn't anywhere NEAR my job description. Towards the end of the day I was ready to repeatedly bang my head on my desk. Hopefully Eric will be back Monday (he's been gone the whole week) and I don't have to worry about doing any of this stuff.

We're moving to a new office closer to my house and I am so excited I get a window to look out of. How lame is that?

Friday, February 6, 2009, 10:29 p.m.


Seriously, he is.

Hut and I went to see Taken last Friday. It was actually a freaking decent movie. People in the theaters were getting into it. And Liam was kicking some ass and takin' some names. Well...not really...he was just killing people. No need for names when you kill them. Then they just become numbers.

Can I also say how fucking excited I am about Watchmen? I practically peed my pants when I first saw the trailer. I hope to God that the movie is going to be awesome. Because it does look AWESOME. Gah, I'm a total nerd.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 10:07 p.m.


I am now a Facebook Fiend. I love Superpoke Pets. They rock!

Sunday, January 25, 2009, 09:04 p.m.

Cornea Woes

So I had an eye doctor's appointment tonight. I had to get my annual and I knew I scratched my cornea, so I wanted the doc to look at it.

Well, he referred me to a "cornea specialist". He said the scratch didn't heal properly so they are probably going to have to numb my eyeball and SLICE OFF THE DAMAGED PART and let it heal. Yep, they have to slice off a section of my eyeball. It's scaring the beejeezus out of me. On the up side, I have to probably wear an eye patch for like 24 hours afterward, so I'll get to be a pirate. I might even put on a costume!

I'm also sick. I got a sore throat yesterday and I've been coughing all day. We stopped at MacDonald's on the way home so I could get a hot fudge sundae and it's numbing my burning throat quite nicely. I also got an email stating my brother's wedding pictures are online. So I'm going over there now to check them out.

Friday, January 23, 2009, 09:21 p.m.

A Letter, Part 2
Sounds: Nothing

Dear Protesters, Flooders, T-shirt hawkers/vendors and General tourists,

Okay, now you're seriously pissing me off.

Get the fuck out.


A citizen who doesn't care about your cause, who has to wade through your trash, who does not want a t-shirt or poster, and who wants to take your absurdly expensive paparazzi camera and chuck it off a bridge.

Thursday, January 22, 2009, 07:29 p.m.

A Letter...
Sounds: Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) || Beyonce

Dear Gentlepersons Who Flooded Washington DC:

Thank you for coming into the city to be a part of a historic event. It was awesome. We have our first biracial president! He's cool, I voted for him. It was a spectacular day.
But, I think I can speak for all natives when I say these words:

Now get out.

I know, I know, those words were harsh. But, honestly, it's time to go back to the regular grind. I missed my nice quiet ride to work this morning with my paper. Instead, I had to listen to you yammer on about some ball you said you went to, but probably didn't go to because you just want to make yourself sound important. Hey, I get it. But, at 6 in the morning, most of us don't care. We might still be hung over, or tired. We want to relax, not listen to your trap.

And thank you, for leaving DC a huge mess. The city was not your garbage can. There are plenty of trash receptacles. I practically had to wade through the trash, leakage from the port-a-potties, and t-shirt hawkers this morning. It was disgusting. And who left American flags on the ground? That's totally unpatriotic. You suck.

I also need to kindly point out to you, DC Flooder, that if you do not know where you are going (and it's completely understandable, even we do it), please move to the side of the road or sidewalk. DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE WHEN PEOPLE ARE BEHIND YOU. Also, please know your exits. It's called paying attention. You're in an unfamiliar place. Read the signs.

And because of the hundreds of you, I cannot walk to Union Station, get my lunch, and walk back in less than twenty minutes. Just because you have an unlimited amount of time to spend standing in the middle of a place, doesn't mean the rest of us do. So please, buy your $5 Obama t-shirt and $3 poster and move on in an orderly fashion.

Also, since you are in an unfamiliar place, please take some time to study the local etiquette. We here stand on the right side of the escalator and walk on the left.

I know this may be harsh, but if you can work with us, we will work with you. And maybe us regulars won't snap when you try to take our seat on the Metro. In all fairness, we were here first.


A Concerned Citizen

Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 06:06 p.m.

Sounds: Nothing

Hut had to help his dad load stuff into a moving truck. His dad is apparently moving to someplace in Leesburg. So I'm by myself ;_;

One day when I was surfing the net while working, I came across an article about this computer game called: Mystery Case Files. On Saturday I downloaded the newest one called Return to Ravenhurst. And I was promptly addicted. I paid $6.99 for it and beat it in about 8 hours. It was awesome! I want to get another one, but it takes up space, so I have to beat it then delete it. Good thing they're only 6.99. I'm going to download the first Ravenhurst one now!

Sunday, January 11, 2009, 03:35 p.m.

Sounds: Love Me Do || The Beatles

BBBBAAAAAADDDD PMS. Seriously. Superbad. Like: "I-want-to-punch-someone-in-the-face-RIGHT-NOW!!!" bad.

It also appears that 1.) I've memorized by credit card number and expiration date and 2.) I am fucking addicted to the TV show House, M.D..

That show is da bitch.

And because I am PMSing, Hut and I ordered greasy pizza and buffalo wings for dinner and I am snarfing all that shit down. AND having chocolate ice cream for dessert. Coz I can, yo.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009, 05:57 p.m.

Sounds: Nothing

Wow, 2 entries in the same day. Hut just left to go hang out with Lang and Daniel. It was implied in the invitation that I was allowed to come, but I figured they would need a "boy's night". Hut doesn't have to go to work until 10am, Lang is on break from school, and...well...I'm not sure what Daniel is up to these days. Meanwhile, I have to wake up around 5:45am to go to work. And I don't expect Hut back until after 11pm, past my bedtime. And since I had a hangover this morning, I'm doubting another late night is good for me.

I did let Hut take my car. His needs oil and mine hasn't been out all day. I made him swear to take good care of it and not scratch it, race it, dent it, or let Daniel play with my CD player.

Thursday, January 1, 2009, 08:39 p.m.

Happy New Year!
Sounds: Nothing

So we went to Tom's house for his New Year's party. I was in kinda a pissy mood...probably PMS. But before we had even been there an hour, Hut almost spilled his wine and almost knocked Tom's hand-blown glass ornaments from his Christmas tree. So I was freaking out and trying to keep Hut close to me. Then he wanted to take his shoes off, which is a big no-no at a party like this.

Hut was also lacking in the conversation department, so I had to keep the ball rolling. We were just not in the zone that day I guess, and if you want to know the real reason, email me or something.

Plus, the house was full of better dressed gay guys and I was jealous. I mean, I was looking pretty good in a sweater dress, tights, and boots. I had a TON of cleavage showing and makeup and good hair, but there is NO way you can out do a gay guy when it comes to dressing up.

This morning Hut called me at 11am (he had to work) and woke me up. I had a sight hangover and made macaroni and cheese and read a book. I was by myself in the house for once and it was nice. Our room needs to be cleaned, again, and I had to fold laundry, but it was nice to relax and read and get rid of my hangover. Now I'm bored and I don't feel like reading and playing video games. I also don't feel like going out because I don't get paid until next week and I am flat broke. I mean, BROKE.

Sigh...oh, and I don't have any new year's resolutions. How sad is that? I still want a flat, toned tummy. But I love junk food way to much to give up. LOL.

Thursday, January 1, 2009, 05:26 p.m.

4 day weekend!
Sounds: Merciless Cult || Dir en Grey

Thank you, Mr. Bush, for giving us government people off today. Not that I would have gone to work anyways, but still. It was a nice gesture.

Slept until 11am today then looked over my gifts. I made out pretty well. Hut's mom bought me a Guess coat, Miya got me this adorable purse, pin, earrings, bag, bracelet, blazer, and little notepad. Mom got me stuff from Express and the Rosetta Stone (Thai edition). She also got Hut and I this beautiful stoneware set of dishes: salad plates, dinner plates, bowls, mugs, and serving bowls. The outside it black and inside is this beautiful red. I got tons of giftcards too. Already spent my Border's one.

I'm stuck on this part in Persona 4. Today I almost beat the boss I'm stuck on and I was THISCLOSE, but the fucker busted out some maddening move and killed my entire party. I was so pissed I threw the controller and sulked. UP YOURS, SHADOW MITSUO!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

Tomorrow Hut has off and we plan on spending some of our giftcards. WOOT XD XD XD XD XD XD

Friday, December 26, 2008, 06:12 p.m.

Successful but expensive day
Sounds: Nothing

So I got pretty much all my Xmas shopping done today. I still have a few more things to get, but I'm so poor right now. Sigh...

Right now I'm cleaning and scrubbing everything. It's nice not to have Hut around sometimes. He gets in the way of my cleaning, lol. He gets off at 6. By that time I'll have the room and bathroom clean. I did forget to get tape, so I can't wrap my presents. But soon I'll be done and then I can get a little bit of Persona 4 in. I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow for a 10 hour day. Then it's a half day on Wednesday and then I have Thursday and Friday off. YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008, 05:34 p.m.

Sounds: Can't Buy Me Love || The Beatles

Nimol totally woke us up this morning by showing up on our doorstep at 9:30am. But, then again, I had forgotten we made arrangements for him to come over and secure our wireless internet connection. But now, it's SECURE!! WOOT XD

Last night we had dinner with my dad then went over to his house. My old kitty, Muffin (the deaf one) snuggled with me and we played with Nala. She was chasing us, then we'd chase her. We left around 10pm, came home, showered and went to sleep. My dad is a smoker and normally I don't have a problem, but I've noticed his chain-smoking. Lori's too. Now, when you walk into the house, it's like a haze. It smelled awful. *sigh* I'm trying to get both of them to quit, especially Lori because of her MS, but it looks like it's a futile effort.

So now, I'm waiting for Miya to get back from Annandale and she and I are going out with Mira. They are doing Xmas shopping and I'm tagging along. I don't get paid until tomorrow, so that's when I'm doing ALL my Xmas shopping. I took off work to do it.

I love looking at this layout! XD XD XD XD

Sunday, December 21, 2008, 03:41 p.m.


AWESOME LAYOUT TOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou times infinite! *smooooossssshhhhiiiiieeeeessss*

So, as you can see, the layout features a few characters from Persona 4. Mainly: Yosuke Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi, Naoto Shirogane, The Protagonist, and Chie Satonaka. Those not pictured: Teddie, Kanji Tatsumi, and Rise Kujikawa. This game is the fucking SHIT. Literally.

I LOVE IT!! Thank you Toki luv!!!! *blows extra kisses*

Friday, December 19, 2008, 11:25 p.m.

Sounds: music here

test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test

Friday, December 19, 2008, 11:03 p.m.

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